Sorry That I Havent Been Blogging!

Hey guys! Carmen here! Sorry Guys I havent Been Blogging! I have been busy with school. Sorry guys Ill try to blog more:D


About CarmzLuvzYhue:)

I'm 10 years old. I like to swim,sing,dance and (of course) hang with friends! I also kind of like school. I love hanging out and chilling with my friends. What I mostly do at home is go on Facebook, call and talk to my friends, and watch T.V. One day I hope that I can be on T.V and become famous or I will become famous when I'm older.
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One Response to Sorry That I Havent Been Blogging!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Come join my party on Fantage. March 13th, 2012. At 4:00 pm-7:00 pm. Silver Bunny server. We will have splash competitions and more. Party will be on YouTube. You won’t wanna miss it!!!! I just had to post it on a lot of blogs this will be best party ever. Red_ninja is coming. I invited some other legends too. Pinkstardust, ptran, kaykay, xxsheryxx, wweforme, image8, ursella ( Some of you don’t know ursella but she has every item on Fantage like me we are great friends), also some of my friends who aren’t legends: fiona21, brooke27614, sammypajammy, nik66, kyle668, amparito2, others too. Also, IM NOT pinkstardust. I just know her on Fantage. Also be sure to check the party out!!!! I encourage you all to come. I have been back on Fantage for a while now.

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