About This Guide

This blog is for Fantageians.It has cheats,hints,and all of the above lol be sure to subscribe this blog!Workers:

The one in the hat is me the one with cat ears is katie I have been leveling them up since they were nons and red head is moondust woot almost 100 moondust!We have been currently been blogging since 2010.These are some recent photos that have been really old that   to put it on this site

Moondust is 1 of my fave workers xD ur great 2 katie



4 Responses to About This Guide

  1. Hey!I am a co worker here!I will be posting for popstar6774 because she said something came up so I will take care of the blog.

  2. Enjoy nmy glitter graphics

  3. Trent_43 says:

    Cool website :)! I told all my friends about it and they joined.

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