All About Katie7325

She is Mexican but she also talks english.On fantage we always hang out.We also make fantage videos there posted on youtube.She was in my movies used to be a member.Katie7325 is her new account she forgot her email password so she cant figure out her email anymore so she made another email and she has a new account.Shes a non but im a mem i know ppl its RANDOM.But mem or non we will still be best friends.She like the color purple.Shes loves flip flops but in PE she cant wear em.She loves to encourage ppl and laugh a lot.We are both CUCKOO.She acts so funny.She hates homework and she hates waking up too early she wakes up at 4:00 for no reason.She doesn’t wear glasses.Never have and never will.She has TOO MUCH youtube accounts.Im asking her why she has too much youtube accounts.Its SO WEIRD no offense Katie.Ps i am typing everything about her cuz shes not online.Thats it BYE!If you have any more questions please ask them in your comments.


One Response to All About Katie7325

  1. Vatti2 says:

    i went to Mexico and i talk english and mexican, too! i was about to make a vid also!

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