Am I online?

Status:Online (I will change this is i log off I will change it 2 offline so be sure to check)

User:kittykat063 (u might c me on white seal and electric emu or evergreen eagle,cranberry coyote,and the full ones (and im on if my bff’s are on ;))

Chat:Offline (xat chat)

Fantage status:Online

Facebook status: Online (I meade a new account)


Club Penguin: I dont play it anymore


13 Responses to Am I online?

  1. Trent_43 says:

    Popstar said: Club Penguin: eww!That game sucks!

    Lol, I tried it before and it does suck. Not even worth a membership.

  2. Trent_43 says:

    Sorry, you don’t have to take it out on other people. Also, how did my comment make you mad this time? I was agreeing with you.

  3. Lizzy says:

    That was kind of rude trent, but this is not of my business so I will only say that and leave it at this, your very mature for apologizing though and I respect that.

  4. still me Kayla Fantage im using my facebook account woot it’s awesum

  5. im kitty luffs chu everyone thats my fb idk if u can click on my gravatar to get to my fb page

  6. naroto69 says:

    civic_princes do u know kulki I know she is ur best friend

  7. Vatti2 says:

    Eww! Not Club penguin! it stinks! ( so does poptropica so don’t play tht, either.) But i do say wut IS awesome and its fantage. My fav game and i play it all the time! ( i just mean alot ) Also dress up games. Those two r the only games thr i play cuz the others r kind of boring. ( exept 4 ) LOL.

  8. clara says:

    O.O awesome idrk my fav server ish silver bunny thts where i met all the famous pplz 🙂

  9. nikkibunnie123 says:

    what server u on

  10. clara says:

    uhh who u saying that to me? ima not on now but check on while seal most of the time my user is kierra016 and if ur a mem i will defenatly be in vip lol pplz are so crazy in vip and a toddler revped a dude in here lol welll cya

  11. xuin says:

    my fav servers r quiet ones

  12. razeena09 says:

    Can u write which server you are also ?

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