Chat with me!

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14 Responses to Chat with me!

  1. sassy_queen9 says:

    omg lol BLH BLAH BLAh im chatting with you!

  2. jessi4ever says:


  3. catrina195 says:

    HEY!!!!my fantage username is catrina195 im lvl 61 or maybe a higher lvl cuz if u c me i might have leveled up or something anyways….. im a nonmember
    here are the servers that i usually go on :
    Amber antelope
    Aqua unicorn
    Auburn Hippo
    or any server that is almost full but sometimes i go on sepia buffalo or sage dragon!

  4. red ninja is my buddy

  5. Ana Chan says:

    i really wanna be a member again but i dont have the money

  6. Aj Maxwell says:

    hi i rlly wanna b ur friend on fantage! i have hypercam so i wanna get together to make a vid i would b so honored! thx!

  7. fantagerox says:

    hi i realy wanna be ur friend on fantage my username is jade6080 and can you meet meh at white seal 5:00 at the cafe if u cant i understand 🙂

  8. Vatti2 says:

    i am chatting with u like sassy queen said and i love this site!

  9. clara says:

    heyyyy my name on fantage is kierra016 so if u ever see me they well just say ello person off the website (rofl)

  10. Amber says:

    omg! I wanna make a website too but have no idea how to!! 😦 please help me and tell me how you made this! it has on it..i dont know what that is but ya know ill do a tab and see if its a website making thing! and btw i looked around this website! its REALLY cool! 🙂 i would love to add you on fantage! im Amber_lee101
    if you see me around PLEASE add me! 🙂 thanks girliee!

  11. jessy says:


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