Funny Pics

This is what I get for loving penguins!

Maybe ill stick my toung at u shorty!

He just sits there all day!

He cant sleep at work!




13 Responses to Funny Pics

  1. posting more l8ter!Ill be here all day!

  2. maxine says:

    im gonna make some pics of that too! TTFN!

  3. sassy_queen9 says:

    nice!Very funny!Nice page here you got

  4. jessi4ever says:

    LOL UR AWESOME!!! CAN I BE UR FREIND IN FANTAGE??? …………im a non but im awesome!! PS-I CUSS BUT I WONT CUSS AT U

  5. fantagerox says:

    lol i like all of them i am posting them on my screen saver!!!!! 🙂

  6. clara says:

    rofl awesome some other person did that but i forgot 😦

  7. Dalmationcat (Pumpkin369) says:


  8. Siara says:

    how do u do a face

  9. nayab967 says:

    just a little funny but i gotta say lol hehe.

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