Fantage Cheats

First go to the top models inc.Then you go inside and click on it and click the home button quickly.Now a message shows up then you x out.Now YOUR IN!

Next cheat:First go to the carnival.Then find the fire hydrant.Click on the left nob.Then water squirts out!

Next cheat:This is a cheat that I LUV!Its about how to fly.First go to the creature arena and then exit the arena.Then go to ur inventory.Press tab until a box appears.The box has to surround “my or my in” in my inventory.Then press the down arrow.Then press the right arrow 4 times.Then press enter.And x out.You will be invisible.Then click somewhere in the sky.Then you FLY!SO COOL!


12 Responses to Fantage Cheats

  1. I’ll be posting more cheats

  2. sassy_queen9 says:

    More cheats you guys are awsome!I even don’t know THAT MANY CHEATS i just know how to get on the judjing placy!

  3. me says:

    they dont work only the fire hydrant

  4. nikkibunnie123 says:

    yea the vip one WILL NOT WORK!

  5. divina terinate (vina) says:

    it did not work when im a non mem and i click the home button ver fast at the topmodel inc to enter the VIP room

    PS:this sucks alot

  6. no the flying one does not work i have the one for it here it is : go to inventory then press tab ’till it hovers over “my” in my inventory, then press enter then the comic thi ng will show up : (click a random place not on the comic and u will be invisible and the screen will look cool

  7. haley norris says:

    mu member username is haley10210 password haley15

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