Fantage Free Ecoins

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeccccccccccccoooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssss



If your a a new non on Fantage you can get 500 ecoins when you log in 7 days in a row.




Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssss


Try it it does WORK!And BTW it happens “randomly” and u should also log in 30 days in a row and u get 3000 (three thousand)stars . Cool huh?!


61 Responses to Fantage Free Ecoins

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  2. mia says:

    that says 3000 stars!

  3. alexa says:

    can i have free ecoines

  4. maxine says:


  5. ight5509 says:

    its stars hun

  6. Trent_43 says:

    Wow, lots of drama :].

  7. _rainbow_28 says:

    please plz plz plz i want many ecoins i want 20,00 ecoins plz give me my name in fantage is _rainbow_28

  8. noname says:

    nice work btw it says 3000 ecoins u should change tht

  9. ppl never get this straight!i couldnt put a pic of 500 ecoins cuz it was in my broken computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fuck everyone who comment on this page who keep saying the same thang

  10. Charlotte179 says:

    I think that was some good advice!Thanks Kayla!

  11. catrina195 says:

    cool! i was playing on fantage 30 days in a row and i didnt notice until the 30th day i was dancing and singing socks with sandals!!!!!

  12. max says:

    i relly like fantage somtims i play with
    my bff ther boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. rose says:

    cool i had the same thing too and guess wat i had 500 ecoins but then i had to waste it on only le shop that sucks but now i got more from other websites

  14. Elerean says:

    wawagames gives u some ecoins

  15. prinsess5742 says:

    It says three thousand ecoins but I think you just got three thousand stars.

  16. fantagerox says:

    can somone make me a mem plz reply?

  17. 8kathy8 says:

    how do you get ecoins i already tried but it wont work like rlly if u try ka-boom no work beeboop wawa dont WORK FOR ME!!!!!

  18. alyssa says:

    thnx for the tip on ecoins m membersship ran out

  19. tahli says:

    omg u people should shut your annoying pig mouth idiots

  20. i love playing Fantage!

  21. alyssa star says:

    hi ummmm i do get 3000 ecoins but yeah…

  22. hbaab says:

    plz give me any any member account or give me an non member account with many clothes

  23. Sunny says:

    Hey, so you get 3000 ecoins when you play for 30 days? pPlzzz reply šŸ™‚

  24. kerry1938 says:

    How do i get ecoins add meh!

  25. kerry1938 says:

    how free ecoins

  26. clara says:

    wow i kinda know how it feels but i dont have a blog or anything and its awesome to get 3000 STARS šŸ˜€ i got most of my awesome stuf with all that and well ima get on fantage now ima be in vip on white seal bye and get on cuz ill be on till 7:30 tonite (possibly if i dont have to go anywhere or my mom makes me get off before that now bye getting on fantage now )

  27. xbox360xbox4 says:

    anyway to get e coins without making a new acc

  28. MembershiPs and eCoins is what keeping Fantage alive, because kids from all over the world want them. But instead of searching, why not just earn? Its the only way y’a know.

  29. hanna says:

    hey fellow fantagians i am so thrilled to sy i own fanatge send me your user name and password i will help here is my email

  30. sushi88logo says:

    here is something cool on fantage:

    go to top models then you should see a computer.on the computer there is a yellow button on that then a secret message will appear!!!!

    • camryn says:

      no yea but the computer is there with a yellow button but its not working by the way my name on fanatge is civic_queen i a member i selling my account i been a member for 3 months

  31. pinky says:

    who wants a free member (mine) user: candy_rulez & a non (used to be mem) it has cool pet items!!!
    since when u hatch it when ur a mem u get to keep the pets eyes and ecoins u eanred
    SOOO WHO WANTS IT!!!! just lmk kk??? thx

  32. random_ya says:

    i got 1000 ecoins out of nowhere

  33. t33n_rock3r says:

    hey guys, if anyone wants free fantage e-coins(plenty of them)or free premium membership simply click the below link, sign up and see the magic
    here is the link:

  34. alora161 says:

    ms sushi ALMOST EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! Oh yeah we’re talking ’bout ecoins and stars here.If you want to talk about that computer in top models inc.Go on another web that always talks about it and hanna,you just wanna hack members dont ya?Well thats not gonna work girl

  35. hey ima show you how to get 10,000 ecoins on fantage
    first go to and click get ecoins now and type 10,000 or more.ok now imma show you how to get 10000 stars so first go to and then click get stars today and put the ammout of money you want and also put your username sorry i forgot that oh and also password so anyways i hope you anjoy! šŸ˜‰

  36. CHARLIE UNICORNS calm ur unicorns down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL šŸ˜‰

  37. thy says:



  38. pinky56700 says:

    Hmm first time

  39. Laila says:

    Is unit true 3,000???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!

  40. jamie says:

    way to get ecoins if ur lvl like 30 and not new?

  41. jamie says:

    *is there ways to get ecoins if ur not new and lvl like 30 email me bak plz i rlly want ecoins šŸ˜€

  42. wow it really works it rox

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