Fantage Gem Combinations



Nom Nom Nom Shirt

Pink Balloon T-shirt

Teal Blue Short Short

Pink skirt

Gypsy Outfit

Red Flower Sandals

Short Brown Hair, Red Shaggy Hair, Senorita Hair, Cleopatra Hair, Common Pagegirl Hat, Bumble Bee Board,  Minty Green Board, Speedy Board, Blue Polka Dot Shirt,  Classic Train, Golden Prom Dress, Red High Heels, 2010 Headband, Pumpkin Head w/ Red Bow, Blue Afro, Small yellow Board

Very rares:

Arabian Princess

Peasant Girl

Soda Costume

Magical Pencil Board

Pink Flying Bat Board

Dark Flying Bat Board

Caboose Board (Train Set), Pencil Board, Pink Ice Cream Hair, Cleopatra Sandals, Kimono, Kawaii’s Hair, Polka Dotted Top (Blue & White), Strawberry Costume, Skirt w/ gold trim, Purple Mandarin Shirt, Purple Cat Top, Blue Hair w/Hat, Oceanic Surf Board, Green Wheelbarrow


50′s outfit (Victorian Dress)

Flower Headband (Pink)

Honey Bee Girl Costume

Ying Yang Skirt and shorts

Blue Hot Jeans

Black Pigtails

Senorita Dress

Peace Sign Shirt

Black guitar board, Senor Pinata board, Motorcycle board, Rubber Duckie Board, Red Toothbrush, Green Toothbrush, Flying Pumpkin Board, Pink Cat Ears,


Tambourine board (Balloons Attached)

Premium Disco Board

Cleopatra Dress, Peacock dress, Poodle Skirt, Pink Bob, Braid Hair (retired item), Intriguing Braids (with Gold Adornment), Librarian Hair (Black with Pink stripe), Hula Outfit, Fancy Hat, Tender Purple Hair, White Summer Dress, Red Devil Costume, Pink Angel Costume, Harlequin Costume, Girly Pink Cat Costume , Peppermint Girl Costume, Clown Girl Costume, Animated Shimmering Blonde, Pig Board, Fire extinguisher Board, Pink Shell Board, Gold Medallions,shimmering blond (the hair tht flows in the wind)

(note if u want a hair u should try getting white gems since most of the hair are in the legendary category)

Mythical items:

flower drop hair,


roller skating girl,


107 Responses to Fantage Gem Combinations

  1. maxine says:

    what’s the gem combo for the golden prom dress,red sandals with flowers,pink skirt and the teal blue.PLEASE TELL! and add me if u find me!Im lucky7804 in fantage!Bye!

  2. explosivo43 says:

    Ugh cool but i think she is just posting the items only god knows wat items ya will get silly there is no right proper but i figured out it goes in order when i got e coins i baught threee dimonds and got that dumb purse with the bear 😦 everyone gets that as their first item :).

  3. i didnt get the purse with the bear so shut the hell up explosivo

  4. dofidil says:

    were does it say the combos?????

  5. adryana says:

    what gems do i have to get so i can get cat ears plzzz tell me

  6. Krystal says:

    What’s the combo to the cat ears and peace tshirt?

  7. Emily123 says:

    What is the gem for the Black Pigtails

  8. Sakara says:

    Hi, Don’t be Mad but are there way to get Faster Gems Cuz When I was a mem Now I get the blue gems.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Can you put the combination for the cat ears?

  10. Katy2911 says:

    It’s just a curiousity.. But do you know what combination do you use to get one of the “bear hats” that you use as an accessory and you put it on your head? If so, do you mind telling me what the combination is? Thank you for helping! 🙂

    • Katy2911 says:

      I mean like the one that’s longer… Not like the one that’s curled up.. It may be confusing but I swear my curiosity kills me… o.o

    • I have over 75 percent of the (girls) rare items! To get the animal hair head things its usually….

      1. (Blue) Sapphire
      2. (Green) Emerald
      3. (Red) Ruby

      If it dosent work the first time you should try again!

      • Katy2911 says:

        Thank you very much 😀 If I don’t get it on the first time I’ll try again like you said… Ty for your time to answer my question!

      • Katy2911 says:

        Unfortunately, when I tried to use that combo it told me I couldn’t use it because I had everything from that combo… Thank you for helping me though!

  11. kayleyjonas says:

    whats the gem combo for cleopatra sandals? i need them SOOOO BADDD lol

  12. kayleyjonas says:

    nvm theyre very rare lol

  13. lexie713 says:

    what is the peace shirt? I REALLY WANT IT XD
    also the skater person!

    • the skater person? are u talking the one needed for the moonstone peace shirt is green gems

    • Katy2911 says:

      For the skater person, you’ll need 3 Moonstones… I remember because I just got that costume awhile ago… But you might not get the skater person right away, you’ll either get the Samurai, Hula Girl, Snail Car, the other new car, or the Skater person…

  14. Phuongiee_Cookii says:

    Are you sure non members can get the pink skirt and the flower sandles?

  15. Gibber says:

    when i was non member i couldnt and people the CAT EARS are just very rare red+red+red

  16. Sunny_fieldz says:

    What’s the combination for the Pumpkin Pie board? (:

  17. Karinna says:

    Hey, I was wondering what the combo is for a hairstyle. The hair is short and its braided at the front and is animated and moves to the wind. There is also a beautiful dress that I want to know the combo for also. The dress is goldish and had a black belt at the waist. It looks like the lower part of the dress is made out of feather. Please Help! Thank you!!

  18. fantagerox says:

    whoever wants free membership and ecoins send me their account at

  19. Lily Zhen says:

    elloz everyone!! xD I’m sorry but how do you get the bear hat accessory and the heart accessory. I really want them. Do any of you know the combo for them, if so please tell me! Thank You! Oh! By the way, if you see me on fantage, you can add me as a friend. (My user is: Dawn628) bye!

  20. Waffy says:

    Plz tell me how to get purple hair w/ cat!

  21. clara says:

    okay fantagerox ur prob a haker so and back to the point whats the combo for the rose headband i need it bcuz i had all the right gems and then i turnd a non the next day and then the gems were gone when i was a mem again so whats the combo now i have a green gem 🙂

  22. clara says:

    oh nvm i saw the rose headband i looked over it srry

  23. Kiki says:

    On fantage my account is KC8704 and im always on Blue tiger so like me i have 100 sapphires 20 ruby’s but they don’t work cause i have them all so what am i going 2 do with them? I’ve like 100 of the rare items and thx for the combos!:D

  24. jesse says:

    hey i have a boy account on fantage so whats the combo for the blue cat ears i want to get it from the first time cuz i will purchase the gems and ty

  25. Marcella says:

    how do i get the flower sandals?

  26. Karinna says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with a combo. idk what the item is called, but the hair is short, brown, and its braided along the top of the head at is pulled back into a bun. Oh, and its animated 😀 and then there is this really cute dress that is gold, has a little black belt around the waist, and is a speghetti strap. it looks like the bottom of the dress is made out of feathers. its not animated 🙂 if you know what im talking about, could you please give me the name of those items and the gem combos? I really apreciate it 🙂 oh, and my name is DiscoDancer14 and im usually on Crimson Cheetah, since all the other servers are always full 😀
    Thank you so much for your help :))

    • samantha says:

      its called delicate brown hair only i forget the combo. im asuming its like 3 white gems i think. i forget but the hairs are usually all while ( legendary i think ) only idk its just a guess and the yellow dress with black strap is called yellow prom dress and its legendary too srry if its rong DX

  27. clara says:

    i forgot the hairs name but the dress is the yellow prom dress ill possibly get back to u on the hair

  28. ffs says:

    how do you get the cat headband???????

  29. Haii, Do you know what combos are for the white angel-looking Wings that are animated? Thanks

  30. le4ever says:

    U sunld get updated
    BTW some r roug Dx

  31. candycane76890 says:

    how do u get the peace T-shirt i need help!!!

  32. c0tton_candy says:

    😡 Gr ! What is the combonation for the cat ears ?!? ( Headband thing ) I MADE AT FANTAGE ! But it’s cool :] Laugh out loud

  33. Siara says:

    The blue afro is rare 4 boys and girls

  34. audrey says:

    what gems do i need to get the peace shirt


  36. soz says:

    CLOEEEEEEEEEEEE i tryed all hose combinations and its NOT the cat ears its the brown moustache urgh!!! now i got no e-coins hate u

    • yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all items are ginen out randomly!!!!!!!!!!!! its not that every item has a different gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now shut the fuck up bitch!!!!! retard, faggot, midget, yhu lesbian!!!!!!! do you have a brain??? no huh!!! how old are you???? i think your like hmmm at least 4 years old!!!! GO SHUT UP 4 YR. OLD!!!!!! SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oki9 fantage says:


  37. esther says:

    uhhh wat gems to get the peace shirt and the gold sandals??? can someone pllzzz tell mmeeee

  38. mary says:

    What combination for the flower drop hair

    • oki9 fantage says:

      It’s on youtube it’s fantage gem combonation help and there is this girl who asks the question What gem combonation is the flower drop hair but i’ll just tell you ITS MYTHICAL!

  39. jessica says:

    do you know the gem combos to the pink or blue bunny feet board?

  40. Emily55947 says:

    Do any of you know the combination for the librarian hair style is black with pink highlights on the top.

  41. Ugh! When I searched up gem combos I was expecting to see something like:
    2 Emerald+1Ruby or 1 Sapphire+1Emerald+2 Rubies.

    Nobody needs to know the ending results! HOW CAN THAT HELP US?
    All you’re doing is tempting people. OKAY??? Geez, Peace Out!

    From None-Of-Your-Beeswax!

  42. liz says:

    how do u get the hair with brown s brown braid wrapped around the head with gems??

  43. Shaelyn says:

    Hello KittyKat063(:
    So I was on fantage and came across the new items for the gem combinations. And I really like the first hair stYlee. It is blonde and very think and poofy with curls at the end and has something pink in it’s haiiir. What wouls be the gem combination for that?

  44. dpate41 says:

    i asked this dude what the type of gems u needed for the cat ear things and he told me it was the red wons, but every comment on the cat ears is the green gems, is it green or red?

  45. Roxy_De_Loxy and sastint_thriller says:

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u know whats the gem combination for the pink flower headband?
    We really LIKE that headband…

    Plz reply

  46. Roxy_De_Loxy and sastint_thriller says:


  47. the angel wings are three diamonds i no cuz i have them! my name on fantage is katelyan212 im usaully on the busy top servers if u see me then ur probably lucky!!! 😉

  48. i no the skater costume gem combo!! again i have it!!! i think its three moonstones or three black gems or maybe two moonstones and one black gem but u might not get it the first try !!! try again thats what i did!!!:P

  49. can someone tell me the gem combo for the black peace sign shirt I WANT IT REALLY BADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 😦

  50. check my status on please comment or subscribe on my wall!!!

  51. pinkiee12 says:

    What are the gems for the gold sandals? My firend told me it was 1 blue gem 1 red gem and 1 green gem.

    P.S. My name on fantage is Pinkbubblegum123 im usually in the full servers with my friends, if you see me you can always say hi!

  52. manjur says:

    hi i just found a AWSOME LEGENDARY ITEM.

  53. Amara9999 says:

    whats the combo for peace shirt plzzzz reply

  54. lauryn says:

    I really really really need the combination to the flower drop hair,rose headband,red electric top & the spring time look. I already have the mp3 player and the peace sign shirt so there’s a 1st!!!

  55. Brigid says:

    Hi, thanks for the info! I really wanted the Shimmering Blonde hair and when I tried the combination, I just got it on the first try! By the way, could you add me on fantage? Right now I’m on the same server as you and I really want to add you. My username on fantage is brigidoc so please add me if you see me! :3

  56. Kristen4549 says:

    Please dont get mad at me but does anyone know how to get the teal dress that crosses over at the top and the gold prom dress????

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