Fantage Music Videos

Red and jen videos



Claudia Videos

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6 Responses to Fantage Music Videos

  1. Dax109 says:

    Hey hey hey omg love your vids!!! they are totally rad. Anyways i would love to meet you in Time: 9:00 What server: Aqua unicorn. When: July 22, 2011…..

  2. these arent my videos these are my fave videos from utube

  3. clara says:

    awesome vids i love the one for insomnia bye

  4. Ive heard about civic_priensess all on fantage everyday all day lol well are you civic_priensess?? anyway I play fantage and im peking08 im usally on surver white seal some times sepia buffalo and if u see me add me if u want to??? 🙂 ps look at my youtube page if you want to it has 30 videos on it and well peace

  5. peking08 says:

    oh and also hi i love your channel it is awsome you rock check out my channel anytime 🙂 peace :p

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