Fantage Slang Words

lol= lots of love or laugh out loud

gtg or g2g= got to go

idk= I don’t know


nvm= Never mind

tysm= Thank You So Much


brb=Be Right back

omg= Oh My God or Oh My Gosh

ttfn= Ta Ta For Now

Thank You Ursella for the following ones:

PD= prom date

ty= thank you

wb = welcome back   or weba

yw= your welcome

ikr= i know right

idc= i dont care

ttyl = talk to you later
ily = i love you
rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
Lmao = Laughing my ass off (this doesnt sho Dx)

If you know any others just den you might as well comment



26 Responses to Fantage Slang Words

  1. мαρℓɛωσσ∂ says:

    lol. Nice blog ;D lol. people say pfd, pxd, etc. now xP I remember when it was just PD… then fantage found out about it xD

  2. Trent_43 says:

    First of all, they banned the Pd word. So now people use DNFP = Date Need For Prom Tryouts.

  3. Trent_43 says:

    I’m just saying. God.

  4. jaysum4ever10` says:

    People now say “val”

  5. le4ever says:

    BEB = babe same as val or pd
    WAYD = what are you doing
    SYS = see you soon
    WER = whatever
    NMJC = nothing just chilling ( for when people ask you whats up )
    PPL = people

  6. fantagerox says:

    whoever wants free membership and ecoins send me ur account at

  7. cp user Dalmationcat says:

    theres one called beb i dont know what it stands for but i think its like pd or something

  8. Dalmationcat (Pumpkin369) says:

    ya that my older comment

  9. Dalmationcat (Pumpkin369) says:


  10. Dalmationcat (Pumpkin369) says:

    NM=Never Mind

  11. Dalmationcat (Pumpkin369) says:

    FYI is for your info

  12. Trinekaa says:

    beb- babe (gf or bf)
    mem- member
    nm- not much

  13. leopard140 says:

    what does beb or bweb mean? and what does ciz mean?

  14. I didn’t read all of them but did you put yw=You’r Welcome?

  15. colleen says:

    kk is super popular it means ok

  16. rose says:

    beb means boyfriend or girlfriend but now they call it bvb for some reason sooooo weird lolz so ya!?!?

  17. Val = Valentine
    WTF = What the fu**
    tyt = Take Your Time
    Beb = Babe
    Mkaii = Okay
    K = Okay
    wut? = What?

  18. something says:

    what does weba mean

  19. im so crazy says:

    i luv ur blog it rox

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