Fantage Top Models

In the Top Models Inc. you could host your own fashion shows or join fashion shows.Btw if the theme is retro wear the 80’s hair i think that hair might get you lots of points well im not sure just try it.


8 Responses to Fantage Top Models

  1. I will post a pic for all the themes.

  2. ~(^_^)~ says:

    Sooo where r the pics it’s been almost 6 months since u said u’ll post the pics!!!!! (#_#)

  3. Niala says:

    Thats what i do for retro! such a quoincidence! by the way, you should really us premium gifts, the seniorita hair and the shooting star board for star. they’re awesome! ( !_!)

  4. vatti2 says:

    Do the shooting star board, premium member gifts, the senourita hair, and the gyspy suit for star. Works great! ( Hint: if ur a non premium member, use the seniorita hair, the gyspy suit, and the OTHER shooting star board for star.)

  5. Lily Zhen says:

    elloz ppl! i heard that you guys are going to upload some pics for the themes. I can post up some on the reply comments so sowwie if it is not on this web page but the reply.

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