Fantagian Of the Month

Ok to be the fantageian of the week u have to do all these qualities:

1. u have to visit the site often

2.u have to not be judgemental

3.u understand the rules here

4. ur really nice and appreciate all my work p.s. the other pages i did well some was supporting pages

5.say thx to my workers cuz the help me with all of this so its not just me u have to thank

6. u have to follow the rules P.S. here are the rules:no swearing,no sexual language ect.

this weeks member of the month is drum roll please!  drumrolls its Xuin!woot!u mostly did all these qualities!great work!

Yay you!

Hall of Fame:

Your animation







32 Responses to Fantagian Of the Month

  1. trent43 says:

    Hmm, nice huh? I can work up that and If I do make it. My username is trent_43 on fantage. I might even visit this sight daily.

  2. Popstar6774 says:

    trent i saw u on Fantage before

  3. Liyala says:


  4. Trent_43 says:

    You have? What server? I don’t remember seeing you.

  5. Lizzy says:

    okay i have always wanted to be the fantagian of the month and also this site is SOOOOOOOOOO HELPFUL i use it EVERY single time i get on fantage which is like everyday! thanks so much for everything you’ve done to make this website happen and everyone who helped you as well!

  6. graceegurl01 says:

    How do I get a picture of someones fantage user and put it on the blog?

  7. Pois23456 says:

    lolz I know bethanyrox on fantage!

  8. jonathan says:

    ive been on everyday on fantage

  9. jonathan says:

    all you people who made this websire or helped should be very supported

  10. jonathan says:

    all you guys are great

  11. jonathan says:

    you guys could see me in white seal in fantage everyday

  12. jonathan says:

    could i be the fantagion of the month for june

  13. jonathan says:

    i visit the site everyday but i sometimes dont put a comment

  14. Sarah says:

    Hi! On Fantage my username is Sa633 and I go to White Seal a lot so i hope i see you around!

  15. clara says:

    okayy im not rlly on the website tht much this is my second time and the first time i forgot the websites name but now i have it in favorites and ima come to it every day xD

  16. Zelda Hylian says:

    How do u do an anime picture I wanna do Link

  17. Sesame says:

    I saw Xuin at that place where they show fantage royalty and stuff
    She’s cool

  18. bethanyrox says:

    Oh my god. I remember that recolour it was like my first ever XD

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