When you type Thats One Crazy Monkey when you talk to your friend it comes out as a MONKEY!
Blank speech:Press spacebar in the chat bar and press enter
How to turn the creature shop light beam not a glitch kinda like a lil secret.Just click on the light beam and it turns on.Go in front of the statue in pet town.Go inside the pet town.Click inside the pet pen.And click on the wall.


9 Responses to Glitches

  1. im_so_lol says:

    Ik another one.Go to the sunblock go to the right dna pod and click near the pod click somewhere on the top and you will be able to walk on the wall

  2. maxine says:

    i have a new one and u can only do it two times then can never do it again! ok,here it is: 1.go to the portal in creature arena (y does they say arena instead of area?) 2.go to star cafe 3.go to ur inventory then press tab until it goes to MY then press enter 4.u see the comet then close it by clicking anywhere the star cafe window and ur there! remember u can do it two times then never forever!

  3. ashley says:

    hi i know u

  4. Trent_43 says:

    Hmm, I have a feeling I know maxine too.

  5. _Natalia_ says:

    I know one you can fly anywhere on fantage xDDD As manyyyy times as you want (yay! xDDD) Press tab in your inventory and wait until the yellow boxes arent there(like keep pressing tab until they arent there) then hit enter and someones IDfone should show up then click out of it then your character wont be there so,go back to inventory and click back out and you should be flying ^-^
    P.S.I see your everywhere on fantage trent o_o…..

  6. vatti2 says:

    OMG i kno all those cheats and the ones in the comments! ( exept 4 the creature shop thing and the free membership ) xD i kno more

    how to get 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars or more
    1. go to the creature arena
    2.go to downtown ur inventory
    4.close ur inventory urself ur stars
    7.rite the number of stars u want
    U just got those stars!!!

    go in the cashregister in the superpower shop
    1.go to the superpower shop beside the owner ( u kno tht dude gizmo )
    ur with the owner!!!

    go in the cashregister in le shop
    1.go to le shop beside the owner
    ur with the owner!!!

    go in the cashregister in stellar salon ( girls only )
    1.go to stellar salon beside the owner
    ur with the owner!!!

    turn from day to nite ( forest ) ( fixed )
    1.just click the sun!
    its nite!!!

    how to drag the magical balls in the forest
    1.go to the forest
    2.look VERY carefully and find magical balls ( u can find them easilly wen its nite ) and hold the mouse on the balls and wile ur doing tht move ur mouse
    u can move them!

    how to fly in the castle type boo and try to win
    2.if u won,press up wile it loads
    ur flying!!!

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