Highest Non Levels

Thin ice level is so tiny for some reason idk y its not edited!This is just a pic featured to be on this pageThe reason why civic level is sooo high is cause when they’re mems and their membership ends their mem level will be lowered down depending on their member level when they were mems thats why some nons have a high level when they were nons.Some nons just have been on Fantage since it started and they’re still leveling up much on Fantage 2day

This is saintsophie’s level as non but Civic’s is higher once we c her new level

My non level when I was playing for some reason I found it on google o o i know its not high but idc!


37 Responses to Highest Non Levels

  1. bethanyrox says:

    wow they are high!!!

  2. Trent_43 says:

    Can you add mine? It’s super high. Get the pick on my website.

  3. Trent_43 says:

    Yea its on my website.

  4. Trent_43 says:

    There is also a non thing on saintsophie page. Go ahead and feel free to add that also.

  5. Trent_43 says:

    I mean non IDpone for saint.

  6. Trent_43 says:

    Hmm, I think there is a bug on your site.

  7. Trent_43 says:

    It is doing strange stuff. I can’t even go to none of the forums besides this one. Or none of the threads.

  8. Trent_43 says:

    Umm, any websites can get a bug. If it is blog to chatting. Any website can have a bug. Mine doesn’t have a bug yet because I don’t have a lot of forums and threads.

  9. Trent_43 says:

    I liked your other site better. This is to confusing.

  10. Trent_43 says:

    The other way it was. The theme caroline is better.

  11. Trent_43 says:

    Err, this is getting strange for some odd point. I noticed I got a lot of comments on my site and hits. I got hafe the hits you got. I barely had mine for a week and you had yours for 2 years? Hmm : (]

  12. asia3219 says:

    ……. thin_ice95 used paint to edit her id fone and all those other pics i saw from fantageforum.com….

  13. vivi9745 says:

    im lvl 45

  14. catrina195 says:

    kewl those r really high level for nons im only lvl 61 i feel puny with that lvl 😥 by the way if ur friends with boogieramon then u should add him there cuz he is a non now and he is like lvl 305 or something like that lvl now

  15. Nikolas says:

    Add me on this plz??I´m level 113

  16. Rosie7442/Carmen Liang says:

    Im barely on level 41…

  17. fantagerox says:

    hi i have a non on lvl 57 and i am willing to give it away has akot of stuff ALOT!!! alot of clothes everything but you will have to give me one of ur users 🙂 if i like em i will give u her

  18. clara says:

    the one with pink hair i think might be edited cuz pinkstardust is the highest and besides bcuz u found it on google someone prob did edit it so yea

  19. clara says:

    lol its me again and her name was thin ice i was too lazy to go back up and look at it lol and yea she was edited cuz i looked rlly close at it and u can tellits easy to see it (to me ) well if u see me on fantage then add me my user is kierra016 xD lol no one on fantage has my name thts y im special sooooo bye now

  20. clara says:

    haii its me again i saw the vid of jen as a non and jen is in first again and congratz jen and pinkstardust is kinda mean i came to say hi to her she said get lost and she left and no one was around her amd it was the onther one u found on google??? so and if u see me on fantage add me plzzzzz my name is kierra016 ima usually on either white seal or silver bunny server and bye xD

  21. rose says:

    i had a real high lvl but then for some reason i couldnt get on my account anymore but i knew that someone hacked into it and change my password becuz my bro has a fantage to and my account was on that pissed me off

  22. Arianna says:

    Im one of them but im not on it im level 378 and im a non member i joined in 2007

  23. Sesame says:

    ummm…. the one with the level 3841 is like… wrong. idk but personally I think no one is up to that level yet, not even Pinkstardust, Civic_Princess and An_Molly!

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