Tips And Cheats

If you see a cheat that has fixed next to it, it doesn’t work.  It used to but now doesn’t.  The stupid new owner of Fantage changed the mouths, and most of the glitches!  I’m not calling the owner really stupid but… I want the old Fantage back!!!!Crying
Secret for 24 hour Membership

Ok, here’s the secret… If you get over 1,000,000 ( million ) points in one, single, game than you are a Premium Member for a full 24 hours!  It’ll take a very long time though, be prepared.

P.S. I suggest Jelly Fishin’. I scored 700,000 points on it when I wasn’t a Premium Member.

Becoming Negative Energy ( Fixed )

Ok, here’s how you can become negative energy. ( or dark colors )  You go to the Wizard Domain.  Stand in front of the Candy Swap Swirly thing. ( remember to stand way in front like at the edge of the cliff )  Then click al the way behind the top of the swirly thing and  then… You get inside of the swirly thing and become negative energy!  If your a Premium Member I suggest taking a Picture and adding it to your album.

P.S. You can only be negative while your in the swirly thing.

Monkey Attack!

Ok, this is simple and easy.  Go to the Beach and find the middle Palmtree.  Then click the coconuts, and then… MONKEY ATTACK!  Try to take a pic and save it to your album Premium Members.

How To Walk on People’s Walls
Ok.  This is easy if you have a slow computer.   When the room is loading click the top of the screen, then you will be on the walls of people’s houses!  Cool huh!  Since there is now new houses it will only work when your not in the Zen house.  You can try but you’ll walk out the door.  TTFN!
How to Chat in Fashion Shows
Ok.  Pull up the Chat menu. Then enter a Fashion Show.  You should still have the chat box up! But remember not to exit out.
How to get into the VIP room as a non premium Member
This one is easy, but hard.  It takes skill.  Go to Top Models.  Click underneath the chat box in the middle.  Click the VIP sign.  Then right when u r about to enter the room click your home button.  It might teleport you home, doen’t work, or brings up the ” You have to be a premium member ” thing and once you hit close… YOU ARE IN!  That’s it! TTFN!
Turning the Day to Night ( Fixed )
This only works on the beach though.   Go to the beach and click on the sun near Sun Block.  Then in a couple of seconds the day light turns to night time. Cool HuhSmiling Ok, that’s it.  TTFN!
Fish Fish Actions

April 14, 2010
Try to get the sharks, treasure chests, and the squids!  2x squid escpecially.
Pinata Party Actions

April 14, 2010
If you want to come out first, never stop clicking, even for stars!  If you want stars, don’T click all that much, and then click on the falling stars super fast!!  That’s all there is to it!
Splash Actions

February 10, 2010
Click till’ there’s no tomorrow!
Magic Pop Actions

February 10, 2010
In This Game Go To The Right Hand Side And Keep Hold Of The Space Bar You Should Be Able To Get Throught The First 3 Levels Using This Method.
Go Cart Actions

February 10, 2010
No Tip
Mouse Out Actions

February 10, 2010
On Mouse Out You should aim to Make the towers away from the mouse instead of Right near him because he will just go around them, Keep your distance from the mouse and remmeber it is annoying buyt it will take time just keep having a go and you will eventually Trap him.
Snow Day Actions

February 10, 2010
No Tip
Fruit Stack Actions

February 10, 2010
No Tip
Galaxy Hero Actions

February 10, 2010
No Tip
Memory Mix Up Actions

February 10, 2010
Well You Need A Good Memory lol, Try Writing Notes On A Piece Of Paper Saying Where People Are.
Walking on Walls in Areas

1.Go to creature arena then in creature arena

2.move aroung in there
3.then go to the map and anywhere you want
4.then press inventory tab until you see the yellow box on the letter Y in inventory enter
6.and then you’ll see the guide press exit you will be invisible
7.then press inventory again
8.and your on the wall

9. your screen will move so don’t touch anything untill you see yourself

and just to tell you like once you get down you dont have to go to Creature anea again. But if you log out it wont work anymore so then your gonna have to go back to creature arena again.


7 Responses to Tips And Cheats

  1. maxine says:

    those r cool! ill try it!

  2. rose says:

    this is a boring website

  3. fantagerox says:

    woever wants free membership and ecoins send me ur account at

  4. lilygarnet5 says:

    lol about galexly hero there is a tip. go on the right side and stay there then when a spaceship comes by you can hit it but if you dont hit it you get another chance cause the spaceships gonn come back to the right.

  5. lilygarnet5 says:

    p.s. the flying /walking on walls cheat u can do however many times you want u just gotta go in the creature arena.

  6. civic_princess says:

    hey plp

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